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Installation and usage


After enabling the module you'll see a new widget type, Shoutbox Widget. Add this widget to the zone where you want the Shoutbox to be shown.
Initially all authenticated users will be allowed to write messages, edit the WriteMessage permission if you want to alter this.

Listing older messages (and moderating) with Projector

If you want to moderate (edit and delete) messages or you want to display messages older than the last n you specified to be displayed in the widget, you should set up a projection. Just configure a projection with a query on the Shoutbox Message content. Shoutbox includes a Projector filter provider you can use to filter the messages for a specific Shoutbox Widget.
If you want an "All messages" link to be displayed below a Shoutbox Widget, configure the widget's projection id property to be the numerical id of the projection.

Version history

  • v1.1 (21.11.2012):
    • Minor fixes and improvements
    • Migrating to Visual Studio 2012 project file
  • v1.0 (03.07.2012):
    • Message list is not individually fetched, but is directly shown in the shoutbox and directly retrieved after posting a message (speed increase)
    • Clean-up
    • Shape override for Message field editor
  • v0.9 (22.03.2012): First public release

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